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4 Signs You’ve Found the Best Dispensary in San Francisco

All dispensaries are not created equal. They all deal in different strains and products, and each has its own vibe.
While some dispensaries are nicer than others, it’s important you find one that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Here are four signs you’ve found the best dispensary in San Francisco.

1. A Friend Recommends It
If a friend recommends a dispensary, it’s likely a good one. However, be sure to ask your friend why they think it’s such a great place. It could be that your friend is very into edibles and the weed shop specializes in them. If you have the time, visit the shop yourself or give them a call to find out for yourself.

2. They Also Sell Medicinal Marijuana
If you find a bud shop that deals in both recreational and medical marijuana, it’s probably a good dispensary. They are used to dealing with strict laws concerning their medicinal weed, so it’s likely their recreational bud is top-notch too.

3. Their Budtenders Know Their Stuff
Upon entering a dispensary, you’ll be greeted by the outer staff, which usually includes a receptionist. You won’t meet the budtender until your name is called.
The budtender should sound educated and be able to recommend a strain or product that meets your needs. If he sounds like he’s pitching a sale, buy just what you need and cross that shop off your list.

4. They are Strict
At the very least, the dispensary should verify your age and enter you into their system. The best dispensaries will also run your ID through an authenticity checker and make a copy of it for their records.
When it comes to bud shops, you have many to choose from. Once you’ve found one you like, it’ll be like coming home when you visit. Use the tips above to help you find the best dispensary in San Francisco.