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A Short History on Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been around since ancient times. The ancient Chinese talk about cannabis and its therapeutic properties for gout, constipation, rheumatism, and senility in old writings. In fact, Chinese Emperor and pharmacologist, Shennong, described using cannabis for medical reasons in a book published in 2737 BC.

Medical Marijuana in the United States
​Medical marijuana has always been considered a viable treatment option in the United States. Unfortunately, in 1937, the federal government outlawed its use in defiance of the American Medical Association. From that point, medical cannabis was only available to a select few through the Investigational New Drug (IND) program. Once part of the program, patients could receive up to nine pounds of marijuana a year.
For years, the American public was largely blocked from obtaining marijuana for medical use. It wasn’t until the 1990s that voters began demanding that the weed be legalized for medical purposes. California, through Proposition 215, became the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. Since California’s bold move in the late ’90s, dozens of other states have followed suit and made medical marijuana legal.
Today, more than half of the US population has access to cannabis as a medical treatment. The sad news is that at a federal level, marijuana of any kind is still illegal. In October 2009, however, the federal government stated it would not penalize citizens who hold valid medical marijuana cards or the distributors who follow state laws.
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